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Sealcoating Services in New Bern, NC

Asphalt parking lots are an important portion of a property’s value but oxidation, water seepage, and chemicals can combine together to quickly compromise the quality and appearance of your asphalt. Although it is not possible to completely eliminate these factors, there are preventative steps you can take to minimize their negative effects. Sealcoating refreshes the appearance of asphalt, doubling its longevity by protecting it and making it look new again. Contact our company today for more on our sealcoating services in New Bern, NC.

Preparing You for the Future

Sealcoating of asphalt surfaces will prolong its life span and prevent costly repairs in the future. An independent study, by the Pavement Coatings Technology Center at the University of Nevada at Reno, showed conclusively that maintaining asphalt with sealcoat every three years results in an average savings of $15.25 per square yard or $152,500 for an average commercial parking lot over 15 years. This provides a 48% savings over the cost of an unmaintained parking lot.

Adjusting to Your Needs

We will tailor your project to your specific location needs. All jobs are done with a customer centered approach. Your parking area can be done in sections, allowing for partial access at all times. We are available after hours when your business is closed and on the weekends if more convenient for your needs.

The Sealcoating Process

The process of sealcoating your parking lot begins with careful assessment of the current condition of the surface. The asphalt surface is then thoroughly cleaned to give the sealcoat a fresh surface to securely bind to. Next, any cracks that have formed will be filled in with hot crack sealer. Sealcoat is then either sprayed or brushed directly onto the asphalt surface. After the sealcoat had dried, line striping of parking stalls is then completed.

Sealcoating Saves Money

Sealcoating Services in  New Bern, NC


Small cracks allow moisture into asphalt which can expand and contract the surface with temperature causing larger cracks. Larger cracks allow more water penetration to weaken the base, leading to the presence of potholes.

Cracks ¼” and larger can be sealed with specially formulated hot rubber sealant to prevent the need for costly repairs or replacement which can cost thousands of dollars.

Cracksealing in New Bern, NC

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